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Highlights of Prince Edward Island

June 29, 2011

Driving in. The Canadians LOVE dandelions, apparently!!  It made for a nice contrast with the red soil.

This is what I saw when I did yoga on the deck 🙂

We had Canadian oysters!!  They were very very good, and it was my second time ever having raw oysters.

We ate at a nice restaurant for our anniversary.  It was a 5 course tasting menu (a lot of seafood, so good) and we never knew what was coming!! So much fun 🙂

How gorgeous is this??

We went to a distillery.  They make potato vodka, blueberry vodka, and awesome tasting gin.

All in all it was an AMAZING trip!!  I enjoyed the quality time with Jake and being able to just relax.  The yoga by the ocean didn’t hurt, either 😉


The yoga in winning

June 22, 2011

Tone It Up had a Bikini Challenge recently that culminated in a huge grand prize (a trip to Cali to see the gals!) and over 100 other prizes. It was a great series and I love how enthusiastic everyone got! I made lots of great friends during it, too.

They announced the winners today, including the grand prize. And I was *blown* away by the responses! As a totally broad generalization, girls can be catty, and I admit I wasn’t totally sure if cattiness would show up on Twitter this afternoon. But it really didn’t! Everyone supported the grand prize winner (KateKateBear) and the other winners of the challenge. While we were waiting, no one said “I hope soandso wins instead of thisotherperson.” The entire time, everyone was just HAPPY!

Happy for those who won, happy for completing the challenge, happy to have Katrina and Karena in their lives, happy to take an hour and chat w friends. The twatmosphere was glowing and I couldn’t have been prouder.

That’s the yoga in these things. Those moments when, even if you’re disappointed, you take a breath and step out of yourself. You self-talk the judgment away and replace it with love and joy. Life isn’t about *you*, even in these (large-picturey [not to belittle the experience at all!!]) trivial instances – it’s about how *we* interact. The more love there is in that interaction, the better the world is.

Congrats again to all the winners, and namaste to Karena and Katrina!!

My First Headstand

June 21, 2011


Well no….maybe on twitter or facebook….

….but I DID HEADSTAND!!!  I’m so proud.  I remember when I first saw Tara Stiles’ explanation:

I was like oh….that’s easy.  Well it took me a year of much more steady practice than I was used to but I did it.

First Skype Session and, as promised, if later than I thought, Shower Yoga!

June 19, 2011

Yesterday I had my first Skype yoga session with Franzi from January Orchid.  It was fantastic!  I was nervous about the technology aspect but it actually worked really well!  I didn’t need extra technology — just my computer — and I think that made it more casual, which was nice.  I knew Franzi was more of a beginner, but had actually started yoga on her own.  This is also how I started, and I love this article from Mind Body Green about learning at home: Striking a Balance.  I wanted to focus on a routine that was relatively easy to remember and that built upon certain poses.  I chose a basic sun salutation sequence and added warriors and other such poses.  It was really, really fun for me and I would LOVE to continue with this!!  I still don’t know if it’s something I will offer for the general public or if it’s something I’ll stick to doing with friends and friends-of-friends….but I definitely want to continue with it 🙂


ALSO I mentioned in my last post about shower yoga.  I didn’t get to it that night as promised (sorry!) but here it is: sometimes I do yoga in the shower.  The heat and water feels REALLY good in some poses.  DO NOT do any balancing poses in the shower, as this is VERY dangerous!!  I personally recommend doing the following poses in the shower:

Mountain Pose:


Standing Half Forward Bend (awesome w the water on your back!):

Eagle — ARMS ONLY, don’t balance in the shower!!:


You can do full forward bend, too, but watch water getting in your nose!!  Try these out and let me know how you like it!!

First Skype Session SCHEDULED!

June 13, 2011

I scheduled my first Skype session with my friend from January Orchid — we are both very excited!  It’s an international Skype session, and we’ll focus on beginner’s poses and sequencing.  She has been such a huge support system for me.  I’m so excited to see her and chat about fitness and yoga!! 🙂


Later today I’ll be blogging about yoga in the shower.  Yeah.  It sounds dirty, but I promise you that it’s not (…other than the fact that you’re naked while doing it).

(I want this shower curtain)

Challenge Week One

June 12, 2011

Well, the challenge so far as been…challenging.  This past week was a combination of timing, exhaustion, and business, but I did yoga at least once Sunday and Tues-Fri.  But a challenge is supposed to be just that, right — challenging!  On Tuesday I went to Hip Hop Yoga with Lynne Begier at Sweat and Soul.  That was AWESOME!  It was hard and wow, my hips are tight, but Lynne had a great playlist and worked us through a great arm balance.


So today I’m going through Yoga Journal and creating some more difficult sequences for me to do.  On Tuesday I’m going to Fez Aswat’s Alignment class at Samara Yoga (and then hopefully heading to a friend’s reading!).  I have a schedule and I hope I’ll be more successful this week!



Saluting the Spirit Recap

June 10, 2011

Sunday was Saluting the Spirit.  It’s a full day (3-4 hours) of yoga, and we all raised money beforehand.  My team was lead by The Sassy Yogini and together we raised $3100!  I was nervous going in — just the time intimidated me, let alone the fact that “famous” Boston yogis were teaching.  But as soon as it started I felt at home.

The group, though mostly women, was relatively diverse in terms of age and experience.  What I love about yoga is that it’s a uniting force regardless of gender, color/race, experience, etc.  We were all there to do yoga, in honor of these great organizations (yogaHope, Pathways to Wellness, and Healthworks Community Fitness), and it was very bonding.  The day started with excitement and a little anxiety (it was a hard fundraising year).  The room was buzzing.  It quieted quickly, through, and when the yoga started I felt this immense peace just wash over me.  I usually feel this after yoga, not before, and it was a great way to start the session.

(photo from Healthworks Community Fitness)

The teachers alternated 20 minute increments, so we all got a great taste of yoga in Boston.  Each had his or her own voice, and with them, we were guided through warm ups, warriors, more chaturanga and down dogs than I can count, arm balances, even backbends!, and finally restorative yoga.  Teachers who stood out to me were Ame Wren (she was so gentle), Coeli Marsh (I want her to run a yoga bootcamp!! amazing demeanor), Brians Lam (generally fun) and Culkin (I love how he talks us through holding poses), Amanda Richter (more on her later), Lynne Begier (funky gal!!), and Shawn Shaw.

While the teachers taught, others walked around for adjustments.  Now — I don’t adjust too much in my middle-school class.  I think it brings the focus away from what the kids need, and we usually move too quickly anyway.  I haven’t had too many adjustments in the classes I’ve taken.  So I was hesitant (though open) the first time one of the adjusters touched me.  But it was nice.  They helped with alignment and modifications, of course, but they also just touched.  In child’s pose, someone put pressure on my lower back; in hero, another kneaded my knees.  I felt so inexplicably loved from all of this touch.  Between all of us working and yogaing for these organizations, and the adjusters, the energy was consistently positive and loving.  It really was a remarkable experience.  And I would like to personally thank Amanda for her being patient and consistent with me while I learned to lift from my hips more, which are crazy tight and hardly cooperative, and tuck my tailbone.  I will remember and work on your adjustments!

(photo from Healthworks Community Fitness)

After yoga, they had burritos, Vita Coco, and a wellness room where we could get a massage, accupuncture, and reflexology.  Although I did not receive treatment, that feeling of love carried into that room as well.  Thank you so much to Sue Jones, yogaHope, Pathways to Wellness, Lauren Broadhurst, Healthworks Community Fitness, Healthworks (aside — gorgeous facilities, definitely check them out), Bolocco and Vita Coco (yumm), and my teammates for such a great event!  I will definitely be working with these organizations in the future!


ETA: More photos, put up by Sassy, taken by Ray Mucci:

See more at Sassy’s Facebook page!!!