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Wow it’s been, like, two weeks. Yoga? Right….yoga

July 27, 2011

So I’ve been crazy busy lately — I’m sorry for being so MIA!!!

(side note: I googled “MIA” and this came up.  Should I know who this chick is?


But it’s been time well-spent, with family, focusing on my full-time job (oh yeah, I have one of those), and with my husband.  Did you know, when you get married, you have to talk to that person???  Who flippin knew.  Sometimes I forget that…


Anyway.  I’m teaching at a kids’ yoga camp on Friday.  Woot!!  I am very excited and am currently planning (no…well, I’m taking a break from planning to write this post).  I think that’s why this is much more stream-of-consciousness than I’m used to.  The teacher wanted to do poses against the wall, so I’m thinking of a “Through the Forest” theme.

The kids are ages 4 to 6, so I’m actually also nervous.  I’ve never taught yoga to kids that young.  But I’ve babysat and have lots of experience with kids in that age-range, so it should be fine.  Right?  Right.  I love kids these ages, I always have a lot of fun with them.

So that’s where I am.  Where are you guys?  What’s been going on with you — either from Tone It Up, yoga (Wanderlust is in CA, are you going? YogaDork is traveling the country, are you watching??), or just general life.

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