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First Skype Session and, as promised, if later than I thought, Shower Yoga!

June 19, 2011

Yesterday I had my first Skype yoga session with Franzi from January Orchid.  It was fantastic!  I was nervous about the technology aspect but it actually worked really well!  I didn’t need extra technology — just my computer — and I think that made it more casual, which was nice.  I knew Franzi was more of a beginner, but had actually started yoga on her own.  This is also how I started, and I love this article from Mind Body Green about learning at home: Striking a Balance.  I wanted to focus on a routine that was relatively easy to remember and that built upon certain poses.  I chose a basic sun salutation sequence and added warriors and other such poses.  It was really, really fun for me and I would LOVE to continue with this!!  I still don’t know if it’s something I will offer for the general public or if it’s something I’ll stick to doing with friends and friends-of-friends….but I definitely want to continue with it 🙂


ALSO I mentioned in my last post about shower yoga.  I didn’t get to it that night as promised (sorry!) but here it is: sometimes I do yoga in the shower.  The heat and water feels REALLY good in some poses.  DO NOT do any balancing poses in the shower, as this is VERY dangerous!!  I personally recommend doing the following poses in the shower:

Mountain Pose:


Standing Half Forward Bend (awesome w the water on your back!):

Eagle — ARMS ONLY, don’t balance in the shower!!:


You can do full forward bend, too, but watch water getting in your nose!!  Try these out and let me know how you like it!!

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