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Saluting the Spirit Recap

June 10, 2011

Sunday was Saluting the Spirit.  It’s a full day (3-4 hours) of yoga, and we all raised money beforehand.  My team was lead by The Sassy Yogini and together we raised $3100!  I was nervous going in — just the time intimidated me, let alone the fact that “famous” Boston yogis were teaching.  But as soon as it started I felt at home.

The group, though mostly women, was relatively diverse in terms of age and experience.  What I love about yoga is that it’s a uniting force regardless of gender, color/race, experience, etc.  We were all there to do yoga, in honor of these great organizations (yogaHope, Pathways to Wellness, and Healthworks Community Fitness), and it was very bonding.  The day started with excitement and a little anxiety (it was a hard fundraising year).  The room was buzzing.  It quieted quickly, through, and when the yoga started I felt this immense peace just wash over me.  I usually feel this after yoga, not before, and it was a great way to start the session.

(photo from Healthworks Community Fitness)

The teachers alternated 20 minute increments, so we all got a great taste of yoga in Boston.  Each had his or her own voice, and with them, we were guided through warm ups, warriors, more chaturanga and down dogs than I can count, arm balances, even backbends!, and finally restorative yoga.  Teachers who stood out to me were Ame Wren (she was so gentle), Coeli Marsh (I want her to run a yoga bootcamp!! amazing demeanor), Brians Lam (generally fun) and Culkin (I love how he talks us through holding poses), Amanda Richter (more on her later), Lynne Begier (funky gal!!), and Shawn Shaw.

While the teachers taught, others walked around for adjustments.  Now — I don’t adjust too much in my middle-school class.  I think it brings the focus away from what the kids need, and we usually move too quickly anyway.  I haven’t had too many adjustments in the classes I’ve taken.  So I was hesitant (though open) the first time one of the adjusters touched me.  But it was nice.  They helped with alignment and modifications, of course, but they also just touched.  In child’s pose, someone put pressure on my lower back; in hero, another kneaded my knees.  I felt so inexplicably loved from all of this touch.  Between all of us working and yogaing for these organizations, and the adjusters, the energy was consistently positive and loving.  It really was a remarkable experience.  And I would like to personally thank Amanda for her being patient and consistent with me while I learned to lift from my hips more, which are crazy tight and hardly cooperative, and tuck my tailbone.  I will remember and work on your adjustments!

(photo from Healthworks Community Fitness)

After yoga, they had burritos, Vita Coco, and a wellness room where we could get a massage, accupuncture, and reflexology.  Although I did not receive treatment, that feeling of love carried into that room as well.  Thank you so much to Sue Jones, yogaHope, Pathways to Wellness, Lauren Broadhurst, Healthworks Community Fitness, Healthworks (aside — gorgeous facilities, definitely check them out), Bolocco and Vita Coco (yumm), and my teammates for such a great event!  I will definitely be working with these organizations in the future!


ETA: More photos, put up by Sassy, taken by Ray Mucci:

See more at Sassy’s Facebook page!!!

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  1. June 13, 2011 4:20 pm

    Great recap Sarah! Thanks for all your hard work fundraising and yoga’ing the day of.

  2. Franzi permalink
    June 20, 2011 7:07 am

    You writing is so sweet! It sounds like a really fun event. Maybe I should research yoga around my home again 🙂 Maybe something popped up and I don’t know it yet.

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