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Yoga in Non-Profits

May 19, 2011

Yoga is so beneficial, as we all know (if you don’t believe me, look at this Google Search of information just from the past 6 months).  It also can particularly help people in vulnerable situations.  People find strength in yoga they may not have been able to tap into otherwise.  The mind-body connection is meditative — healing.  And nowhere is “namaste” (the light in me sees/honors the light in you) more appropriate.  For people who are vulnerable and lonely, that simple sentiment can mean the world.  That’s where yoga in non-profit organizations comes in.

There are quite a few non-profits that offer yoga to underprivileged/vulnerable situations.  Michelle Williams started one called Yoga for Single Moms.  We all know her unfortunate story and I’m so glad that she was able to find something to help her through her grief — and can now share it.

One Yoga in Minneapolis offers yoga to specialized populations.  They even travel to other locations to bring yoga to the people!

Yoga teachers often teach what are called “karma classes” for cheap or free.  These are excellent chances for people who otherwise may not be able to afford classes to take them!!  It’s also a great benefit for the teachers.  Many teachers just out of trainings use these classes for experience toward their 200 hr certifications.  Definitely check out your local studios for how they are reaching out!

One organization in Boston that I particularly believe in is yogaHope.  They offer classes to women who are recovering from addiction, abuse, and homelessness.  From their site: “The practice of yoga has been shown to produce positive motivational change by helping women regain their vital center of energy, satisfaction and stability. It can help reduce low self-esteem and poor body image, and greatly improves a woman’s sense of personal empowerment, yet female populations who could benefit from this practice don’t have access to it!’

yogaHope has partnered with two other organizations, Healthworks Community Fitness and Pathways to Wellness (two other great organizations!!) for a large fundraising event, Saluting the Spirit.  It brings the community together in its efforts with a 3 hour yoga class.  I’m working with The Sassy Yogini to fundraise for the event.  She’s been so, so great and has put a lot of effort in to fundraising.  I went to an event last night that was a blast!!  Check out her page and tell me what you think.

Check out all these organizations and look at others, too, in your area.  Put the ones you find in the comments!!  And if you want to donate to Saluting the Spirit, please do so at our Sassy team page.

Namaste 🙂

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