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Childlight Yoga Day 3 — Final day

May 15, 2011

We finished the training today!!  It was so much fun.  I learned a lot.  Today we focused on 4-6 year olds (which, quite frankly, is probably as young as I’ll want to do for right now) and 7-10 year olds.  Again — I felt pretty confident in my basic abilities (ie, I’m not screwing the kids up with what I already knew) and I learned a TON more.  I’m surprised as how much I like the games.  Well, wait, no, I’m surprised at how much the games incorporate yoga — and that’s what I like.

I really truly admire Lisa and all she’s doing.  She’s definitely up there on my “Inspiring Women” list (hmm, think I’ll blog about that!!).  I love her whole approach to yoga and I like that she uses ancient teachings in the modern world.  I know I keep going back to Tara but she (Tara) was the first “modern yogi” I’d really encountered — Rodney Yee, whom I adore as well, was pretty old school.  And I think of Lisa in much the same way.  I’d at least put her in the same category of yogi as Tara, without the same branding/”celebrity” status and of course, with a focus on children.

Anywhoo..I’m very excited for my certification process and what’s next!!! 🙂

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