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ChildLight Training Day #1

May 13, 2011

I just got back from training.  Like, parked the car, kissed the (sick again) husb, ate my hummus, and am now typing — just got back.  It was great!  Lisa Flynn has put a lot of thought into her work — I’m so impressed.  The discussions have been much more in-depth than I imagined they would be.  We’re talking about society and yoga as a whole, with a focus on children — it’s quite interesting.

Some immediate thoughts (and here are my bullet points!!)

  • There are a lot of issues surrounding yoga’s rise in popularity in today’s society and the earlier it starts, the better.  Not even a full yoga practice, but various “yogic” philosophies can help a ton.
  • Along those lines — we need to talk about the issues at hand so we can fully understand what we (ie, yoga teachers and kid yoga teachers) are doing.  There’s no point if it’s not thought out.
  • I always forget about the 8 limbs, oops 😦  so I’m probably going to be doing a ton more research and thought on that.
  • Not everyone shows poses the same way (duh) and perfection isn’t important (double duh).  It was VERY refreshing to hear not only Lisa talk about and iterate this, but also much more experienced yogis than I as well.
  • I am, I think, the youngest, as always.  And on the way home I realized I *have* to stop getting hung up on that.  I used to feel cool about it (youngest in my classes, youngest to do X, whatever) but now it’s holding me back.  And let’s face it — 25 ain’t so young anymore.
  • I have a stronger base for teaching yoga than I thought.  I still have a ton to learn — hence the training — but I felt much more confidence in my basic understanding and tools than I did going in.

Thank you, Lisa!! I look forward to tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Franzi permalink
    May 17, 2011 4:06 pm

    Interesting and thank you for sharing. I am not as flexible as others and always get hung up on it. I can’t put my feet down all the way in downward dog pose. Now I know ones again Yoga isn’t at all about competing and comparing. Just get in synch with myself and focus 🙂

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