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Sorry for the hiatus!

April 18, 2011

My husband and I went to the NYC/NJ region this past weekend.  My sister-in-law is pregnant with twins (coming soon!!) and it was her baby shower.  It was so great to see my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law.  Then, Jake and I went into the city.  We haven’t been (outside of art events with my dad) in years!  So it was a blast.  I promise to have my last YouTube post up tomorrow :).

Two things stuck out to me in NYC:

1) No bottled water!  At least not in the Natural History museum.  They were advocating tap water and bringing reusable bottles.  How great and environmental!!  I do wish, though, that they had sold reusable bottles to fill.  We had to buy a soda and then use the bottle later.

2) Calorie counts.  Everything had calories on them.  It really helped us to pick healthier options on the road!!  I was surprised that some people were still buying fast food items that were labelled >600 calories.  I mean, it’s one thing to order that stuff when you’re ignorant — ignorance is bliss, even at the expense of your arteries — but when it’s right in front of you?  Amazing.

I wish I had been able to head over to Strala Yoga — especially since a friend of mine loved a class there — but it was not on the agenda for a few-hour trip.  We did eat at a nice bakery (mmmmm) and roamed Central Park.  Excellent weekend!

How was yours?

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