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Yoga Today: YouTube #4: Yoga Today

April 14, 2011

I have to say this upfront — I’m a little biased toward Yoga Today.  I adore Sarah’s and Neesha’s teaching styles.  They are articulate and clear, always demonstrate poses and modifications, and always explain the anatomy behind poses and sequences.  The gorgeous backgrounds don’t hurt, either!!  Yoga Today is a great, great group.

Here is a video that is a good example of the awesome of Yoga Today:

A run-down:

1) All poses are directly connected to the main point of the video.  If you want looser hips — do every pose.  Your arms and core will get some work, but mainly, your hips will open.

2) Sarah explains the anatomy and alignment, and the students show modifications.  So, even though there is an arm balance involved — not necessarily a beginner’s move — she makes it so a beginner can still get the benefit of the full pose with a modification.

3) The video is direct.  Sarah assumes you’ve already walked through sun salutations or other such warm-up, which enables you to learn the most in a short amount of time.  The video is all bulk.  Very efficient!!

Yoga Today’s videos are a great mix of short, like the one above; medium, going more in depth on a particular focus; and long, giving you an actual, full-length class online.

AND you can subscribe or buy classes through their site, too!  So if you like what you see on YouTube, check out their full selection.  This diversity of classes makes Yoga Today an excellent resource for you throughout your yoga practice.  Use it for its full classes, use it to find a few specific stretches that you may need, use it to incorporate a short sequence into your everyday practice — just use it!!

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  1. Franzi permalink
    May 9, 2011 3:47 pm

    I love that they are outside. I hope some day I can just take my mate and be outside but I need some basic knowledge and poses to do that. Love the way they are doing it and explaining! Great choice 🙂

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