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Yoga Today: YouTube #3: Expert Village

April 13, 2011

Expert Village is a site that has lots of videos about lots of stuff.  Check them out for videos beyond yoga.  However, what they have to offer for yoga is pretty interesting!!  Search “yoga” in the YouTube search bar on their page and you’ll find so many short videos on yoga.  Some highlights of Expert Village yoga videos:

1) Many different yoga teachers.  This gives you many different teaching perspectives and techniques to try out.  As you go through your yoga practice, you’ll definitely find teachers you click with more — this is good!! — but the only way to find out is to try many different ones.

2) Lots of variety.  If you want to learn about the history of yoga, they have a few short videos on that.  If you want to learn some poses, they have some few short videos for that, too.  Want to work on your transition from chaturanga (low plank) to up-dog?  They have that too!  From how to use yoga for stress, to prenatal yoga, to explanations on different types of yoga — Expert Village has it all.

I think the videos are pretty well done.  It’s definitely a good place to start if you are debating between yoga studios (if they do different kinds of yoga), or if you are unsure of your alignment in a pose.  I do think it’s a shame that they don’t have longer sequences — even the 5 minute routines — because their longer videos focus on alignment.  But this is a great resource for any quick info you may need!!

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